More Weight Loss- VLOG DAY 3

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I had another weight loss today and I did a little more food shopping.

Day three… 241.4 lbs. Another weight loss, yes! And I’m going for another walk. I tried to fix my UP3 band by just putting some electrical tape on it, not sure if that’s gonna hold or not. But, I also connected the UP3 to MyFitnessPal so now my steps should be fed into MyFitnessPal and that’ll be cool. I hope that works. I’m gonna be doing some work at our house later today also want to set up an area I can start doing some weight training. I may also be taking a trip to a health food store later. It’s gonna be a busy day and that makes five laps, so I am outta here.

I’m gonna start taking a probiotic one in the morning and one in the evening. I’m headed out to a local health food store, just got to pick up a couple of things I couldn’t find at the supermarket the other day. I also planned a little project to start working on this room to set up an area where I can start doing so weight training. Time got away from me today, I really want to get to bed on time. So I’m gonna cut it short go to bed and I’ll pick this up tomorrow.

Yay Me! – VLOG DAY 2

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For the most part, Day 2 was pretty good. Lost some weight, did some cooking, yeah.

Weigh in for day two. 244.0 lbs. Okay so based on my weigh in this morning I’ve lost 3.6 pounds in one day which I don’t think is really possible unless you cut off your arm or something. But for me, I think that’s just mostly water weight… the fact that my calories were kind of low yesterday. But I don’t know, it’s like a psychological boost to see the scale moving in the right direction in one day.

I got to bed a little earlier last night which means I got up a little earlier and got here a little earlier this morning. I just finished my third lap and now I’m not pressed for time so I’m just gonna keep walking. Maybe do four, maybe do five, we’ll see. Today I’m gonna prepare a few meals for the next several days with the food I got yesterday. I just want to make it easy to grab something healthy as opposed to something junky we have around the house. That makes five laps. Yay me!

I had my usual coffee and yogurt earlier and now I’m making two scrambled eggs with a little bit of almond milk in it. So, I’ve made myself a weight chart it may be a little difficult to see but it goes from a max of 250 pounds down to a minimum of 150, and I don’t think I’ll ever get that low. I’m looking like 160 would be my target weight. And the dates run out to about mid-November right now. So, this was my weight yesterday, and this, my weight today. And… That’s about what we have, right there. Not bad.

Tomorrow I’ll be making some more food. But right now I have to get to bed, I haven’t been sticking to my eight hours a night. So, Good Night.

My Diet Started Today – VLOG DAY 1

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So I started my diet today and I’d say overall it was a success.

All right, this is my first weigh in Monday morning and it’ll be my starting weight for my diet. 247.6 lbs. Well weigh in was a little rough didn’t think I’d gain that much weight, but it is what it is. Right now I’m headed over to a local park. I’m just gonna do some walking, it’s a good start. It’s about seven o’clock in the morning, Monday morning, first day my diet. All right let’s go.

So today’s gonna be mostly about getting myself into diet mode. I’ve really done no pre-planning to start this, so yeah. I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m gonna be logging my food with an app called
My Fitness Pal. I used to use an app called Lose It!, and I remember comparing the two, I don’t know, a couple of years ago. And for some reason, I went to Lose It! But, looking at them this morning I don’t see a lot of differences. Actually, there’s some extra things in My Fitness Pal that I really like so I think I’m gonna give that a shot. And, as far as exercise goes, it’s probably gonna start out with walking, I’d like to get into biking. I love biking, I love mountain biking especially. And, eventually, I’d like to get into running. I’ve had a few problems with my back over the years, that it prevented me from running, so. But I think if I lose a little weight maybe I can do that. All right so this will just about complete my third lap. I think that’s a little over two miles. It’s not a lot, but it’s a good start, at least I’m out here doing it. Now I gotta head home and see if we have any food to eat.

Ok, this is what I found to eat for my first meal of the day. No, I’m not gonna eat the spoon. It’s coffee, I’m using regular cream, just I don’t like the taste of the fat-free stuff. I do drink too much coffee I’m gonna try to cut down to one a day, one cup a day, and then maybe switch it to tea. And, yogurt. I stole one of my wife’s yogurts. I like these I’m probably gonna be eating yogurt every day, I’ll pick up some more later. I also found this multivitamin, I’m gonna take that. Gonna look into getting a little better multivitamin to take every morning.

It’s lunchtime and I have a pretty big headache which is most likely caused by me drinking less coffee than I would normally. You know, normally I’d have two or three cups, you know, before noon. And then probably could have, you know, some diet soda for lunch. I only had one cup today. I did just have a Diet Coke, hoping that helps with the headache. But this is definitely something that I’m gonna have to work through, the caffeine withdrawal.

All right so this is my second meal of the day. Got a banana, and a piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter, and water. Again I’m having trouble finding foods around the house to eat so, mm-hmm, definitely be doing some shopping later. Think all this total, My Fitness Pal said it was about 400 calories. So far today I’ve stuck to my diet, it’s been tough I haven’t had any junk food but we don’t have a lot to eat around the house. So, I have my shopping list, and I am going food shopping.

So, I had a little mishap in the supermarket, mmm. I went to pick up a six-pack of Zevia root beer, and when I picked it up it just completely fell apart. One of the cans landed on the ground split open, soda went everywhere. I got part of it on video. And, I was pretty hungry having not eaten too much all day so I broke into my almonds on the way home. So, that’s considered my third meal of the day. So, while I was out food shopping, I picked up some poster board. Gonna make a weight chart, hang it on the wall. I plan to weigh-in every day, and mark my weight chart every day. I like to see the downward trend, and yeah, it helps motivate me.

Earlier today I found my fitness band, mmm, this is something that I bought a couple years ago. This is called the UP3. You know, it tracks your steps and that kind of stuff. But, it tracks sleep really well which is one thing I was looking for. And I wore this for a while but the band started to split, so I’m gonna try to fix this. And I’m gonna start wearing it again and I think I can get my steps that will track from this, to feed into My Fitness Pal. And, I really like My Fitness Pal so far. So, I may continue to use that. So hopefully now I can track my steps and feed that in.

So, we’ll see how tomorrow goes.