Bike Ride And Weight Room Project – VLOG DAY 6

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Day six, 238.0 lbs.

Saturday morning and I have some more shopping to do.

I’m out at another park near my house. This is a park that I used to do some mountain bike riding at, but today I’m actually going to do some road riding. I’m gonna ride from here about five mile ride out to a lake, and then back. So, about a ten-mile ride. I’m doing that mostly because it sounds like a fun ride and I’m trying to keep things fun.

And that makes five miles. Now I’m gonna head home and see if I can get some more done on my weight room.

I didn’t get as much done today on my weight true project as I had hoped. I did take out an old outlet that was right here, and started to patch it up. It’s gonna need some more work. I also bought some, some new baseboard moulding I’m gonna put in. But I’m gonna have to pick this back up tomorrow.

Big Sis College Move-In Day – VLOG DAY 5

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Today we took a little road trip.

Weigh in for day five. 239.0 lbs.

Today I’m walking on the gravel trail and I’m not sure how well my voice is gonna come across on video, but I’m gonna do it anyway. So, I’ve lost 8.7 pounds in five days, which I mean I’m happy about, but that’s just way too fast. And I know it’s because my calories are too low, so I really have to make sure that I stick to every meal, that I eat the calories I need to. Because I’ve also been very tired, and again that’s why I don’t have the energy. This weekend I’d like to try to get out on a bike ride, and I want to continue working on my weight training room project.

This is just about the one-mile point so I’m gonna turn around here. That will make a two-mile walk for the day. My UP3 band broke last night so that’s a bummer. Like I mentioned yesterday we’re gonna be on the road most of the day today, so I’m gonna head home and pack up the foods that I set aside yesterday.

It’s definitely College move-in day.

That was probably a great picture of me, wasn’t it? It’s a video. I know but like, a great shot of me. What do you think I’m running a plog? It’s a “vlog”. Fair enough.

I did well on my diet today. Packing up the foods really helped. I didn’t eat any junk food. But, it’s been a long day, and I am tired. so I’m going to bed.

Weight Room Project Phase 1 – VLOG DAY 4

Today was a good day. I got more sleep last night so I think I had more energy during the day.

Weigh-in for day four, 240.0 lbs.

Changing things up a little bit today I’m going to walk at a different park. Today we’re going to begin working on my weight room project so I’ll probably be going out to a hardware store to pick up a few supplies. First thing I need to do is prep the walls. They need to be sanded and re-spackled. I need to do that before I can paint them. Tomorrow we’re gonna be going on a little road trip. We are taking my daughter back to college which is a couple hours away. So later today I’m gonna pack up some of my foods, my meals, so that way I have something to eat during the day. And I’m not tempted to eat out anywhere. I really don’t know how far that walk was. I walked for about an hour so I think I may look into a dedicated app to track my walks.

I just got done buying some things at the hardware store for my weight training room project and I just realized I forgot to eat my 10 o’clock meal. It’s 12:48 right now, that’s not good. I really got to keep up on my calories, so something else I have to change going forward. So, I went ahead and packaged up some food that I’m gonna need for tomorrow. We’re going on a road trip taking my daughter back to college. So I’m not gonna be around the house, and I didn’t want to reach for junk food or go out to eat anywhere. So, I’ve got a yogurt, probably first thing in the morning, salad with some flax seed meal and chicken already on it. Salad dressing, almonds. I got a Zevia soda. An apple and some all natural peanut butter. I’ll probably cut up the apple and add the peanut butter tomorrow.

And now I’ll begin phase one of my weight-training room.

Okay, well that’s enough for tonight. Wait for that to dry, another day or so. sand it, and maybe ready for painting. It feels good to get some of this project done. Hopefully finish up maybe over the weekend, and start my weight training.