Facing Reality

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Whew, it is hot out here. Before I start this video if my face looks shiny, I am sweating but I just put on this Neutrogena I think it’s SPF 70 sunscreen. And it went on really oily and anyway it’s a mixture of sunscreen and sweat. Alright, so this is my second attempt at shooting this video. It is just too hot in the sun, so I found a shady place here on the bridge.

So, wow, it’s been I think four months since I posted my last video. My last video was in April, it was an impromptu workout video that I shot. And this video is actually going to be pretty similar in that it’s very impromptu. I had no intention of posting a video today. But I think that’s actually better in some ways because you know that I’m not, you know thinking about what I’m gonna say or scripting things. I think it just comes off more naturally. Anyway, so my April video a couple of people had posted in the comments on that video that it looked like I had gained some weight. And I had. I wasn’t necessarily trying to hide it, I just didn’t do a weigh-in. I didn’t talk about it but I actually weighed 173 at that time. And that’s I think about 23 pounds over where I want to be. I think my ideal weight may be around 150. You know, and so 23 pounds, I don’t know, it’s not horrible. It’s nothing I can’t undo. The problem is that I continued to gain weight after April all the way up to today and I weighed 189.8. So that’s what, I don’t know 13, 14 pounds over where I was in April. I’ve got bugs crawling all over my camera. Anyway so yeah so that is about 13, 14 pounds over where I was in April. And again by itself that’s not that bad you know, I can lose that weight. But the fact that I’ve been gaining weight basically since the holidays of last year you know the last couple weeks it really started to dawn on me that yeah there’s something I gotta fix here. I really got to do something about this.

And I started thinking about it and I was like okay well what I’ll do is I’ll go on a diet and I’ll lose the weight, going up to my, my anniversary which would be August 22nd. The anniversary of when I started my weight loss. I’m like okay I’ll lose weight and then I’ll do an update video. But that’s, that’s really dishonest like why, why am I trying to hide this? You know, why am I trying to hide the fact that I gained weight? And it was actually something I did three days ago that is what really prompted this video.

So for the past three years, I’ve weighed myself pretty much every day. We’ve gone on vacations, we’ve traveled you know, I weigh myself every day. The last three days though, and my uh, let me back up a second. My the normal way that I weigh myself is I get up in the morning, I go to the bathroom I weigh myself in my underwear. It’s a consistent way of weighing. But three days ago I was approaching the 190-pound mark and I really did not want to hit that. I did not want to see that on the scale. So I said well you know what, today maybe I’ll just weigh myself before going to the bathroom, wearing my clothes, my cell phone was in my pocket. And I weighed I think like 192. And I justified it saying oh well you know what without my clothes and my cell phone and stuff I’m probably still like 189, so I really didn’t go over you know. Well, the next day it was like 194, I don’t remember the exact weights cuz I didn’t record them.

But it dawned on me that that is really my problem, and it’s pretty much the basis for this channel. And that is, and I don’t think I’m alone, that humans have this ability to ignore reality. We can ignore reality, we can, we can avoid reality, we can fake it. We can pretend. And it really ends up destroying who we are as people. It destroys your self-esteem. And I don’t want to do that anymore. So this is kind of a coming clean video. I’m saying what I did. I, I wish I had weighed myself, I wish I had an accurate weight for the past three days. I’m gonna estimate that I went like 192,194.

I’ve kind of turned things around the last couple days and today’s weight was legitimate 189.8. But I decided to post this video because I don’t want to avoid reality anymore. I don’t, I don’t want to pretend, I don’t want to fake, you know. I don’t want to it’s, it’s I really believe that you know happiness is found in reality. That’s what I want, that’s what I did when I lost the weight, that’s where I’m going back.

So anyway that’s pretty much this video. I don’t know how often I’m gonna post videos. I do want to post more often. I keep saying I’d love to get back into daily vlogging but I don’t want to make any promises or commitments. I don’t know, this could be a one-off video, I could post another one tomorrow. But, oh I recorded some of my food I had a yogurt and an apple this morning. I had a protein bar just before it came out here. I’m gonna try to post the food that I’m eating. Again it’s, I’d look at it really more as me documenting my diet. I’m not in any way saying anybody should eat what I eat or work out how I work out or anything like that. I really want to promote each person as an individual, you know? Find your way, find what works for you. Because that’s reality. And that’s where you’re gonna find happiness, and that’s where you’re gonna find weight-loss. So that’s pretty much it. I hope you have a great day, and I will see you next time.

Impromptu Back-Biceps-Legs Workout

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All right so this is gonna be a really impromptu video. I didn’t plan on shooting a video today. It’s lunchtime I actually planned on going for a walk, but it’s a little cold and rainy. So, instead I decided to lift, today’s gonna be a back biceps legs workout. I don’t know, I just, I miss shooting video. I’ve wanted to make some videos, and, and today I was just like, oh well, why not shoot a video. So here it is.

I haven’t shot anything for awhile. I’ll show you a couple updates in my weightlifting equipment. First change is this. I got rid of my smith machine and bought this leverage squat machine:

The smith machine is one of the first pieces of weightlifting equipment that like I’ve ever gotten rid of. But it was rusting, and, and I really did have to get rid of it. But it was hard to let it go. And I bought this, I really like the leverage squat. I know it’s not as good as doing a barbell squat, like if I had a rack. But I just, I just really want to do the things that I enjoy doing… it’s really, here, right?

I just, I prefer this over barbell squats, so that’s what I’m gonna do. I added this old TV, just hung it up on the wall. And I have a Roku stick plugged into the back so that way I can create like a youtube playlist and then I can run music videos… which is fed into my stereo. So I’m going to be putting music over top of this video so I don’t get a copyright strike.

I also picked up these, which is a pair of 60 pound dumbbells:

Those are my biggest dumbbells at this point. I can bench them… I’ll probably keep going up but I’m just gradually increasing as I can lift more and more. Anyway that’s about it, start the work out.

All right so overall I’d say that work out wasn’t too bad. I haven’t lifted in, I’d say two or three weeks. I’ve been kind of doing my own like rehab on my shoulder. I’d say three weeks ago it was pretty bad, and I actually think it was chest exercises in particular that was aggravating it. I mean I could probably do a whole separate video on that. But anyway I finished up this workout with a drop set of dumbbell curls, and then at the very end I did a set of face pulls. It’s something I saw on Jeff Cavalier’s channel Athlean-x. He said he recommends finishing every workout with a set of face pulls. And then, like these overhead shoulder lifts. I believe that’s to help, you know, both correct posture and, you know, keep your shoulders… like aligned right. By working, you know, those over the last several weeks it’s really helped. So I’d say my shoulder is probably 75% better than it was before.

I will mention also my knees. I, I think I finally found the problem with my knees. And I actually think it was due to dehydration. I did a video I think in December, November or December. I, I have Baker cysts and I’ve had problems with my knees, and I finally realized that by drinking more water and making sure I’m hydrated the Baker cysts are pretty much gone. And my knees feel a lot better . I used to drink a lot of water when I was losing weight and, you know just kind of got away from it. And yeah I’ve been lifting, I’ve been walking, I’ve been trying to get back into running. You know, and I’m just, I think I’ve been dehydrated. So by making sure I drink a lot of water things are better. So that’s why I got back into into squatting.

Uh, I would like to get into running as the weather gets warmer. Anyway that’s pretty much gonna do it for this video. I plan to do more videos coming up. I’d like to get back out, start riding, get back into mountain biking. The weather’s finally starting to get warm, so that’s good. Anyway hope you’re doing well and I will, see you soon.

Lesson Learned In 2018 – Happy New Year!

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Today is December 31st, 2018. Today I am also uploading the last video that I recorded in my no limits eating vlog series. That video, it’s pretty quick and it ends kind of abruptly, it ends the that, that experiment kind of abruptly so I wanted to record this video to kind of explain what happened after that.

The reason that I even did that series in the first place started with the beginning of the year. Beginning of the year I started intermittent fasting, and I was doing that to try to help with the loose skin. A lot of people had suggested that intermittent fasting or longer periods of fasting might, might help. I put myself on a pretty strict intermittent fasting schedule. I was trying to do a 4-hour eating window, and to make a long story short it doesn’t work well for me. That’s too much restriction on my day, my diet, my eating, my workouts. And what happened is that restriction I, I did intermittent fasting for what six or seven months leading all the way up to our cruise. It was just building and building and building and when I had the idea of doing this No Limits Eating cruise video you know I was telling myself that oh this would be good content for the channel. But it was really just an excuse to go eat. It was that restrictive diet that I had been following for six months turned into this unrestricted cruise and shore vacation.

So I get back from the shore and I went right back into intermittent fasting and it took me all the way up until August 10, the last video that I posted here, and actually beyond that. I think it actually went up to my two-year anniversary which would have been August 22nd. When I finally realized how much stress the intermittent fasting diet was putting me under. And as soon as I stopped that and I went back to what, what I’ve done in the past which is eating small meals more frequently throughout the day, the… the… the stress went away, my motivation came back, I started losing weight again. And, it really taught me a big lesson and that is… that I don’t have to be perfect. While I agree that intermittent fasting is probably the best way to eat, just, just on a normal basis. It doesn’t mean that, that, that I can maximize my results. That I can do it the way, the best way.

So where does that leave me today? I do believe that intermittent fasting is the best, the best way of eating. But I don’t handle that, that tight restriction very well. So instead what I’m doing now is I will wake up in the morning and I will just say, let’s see how long we can go without eating. Sometimes it’s 8 a.m. sometimes it’s 10 sometimes it’s noon or even later. But I’m not gonna put myself under that super strict eating window and force myself to eat in that window. I take each day as they come. And I try to create bigger windows of fasting. That’s what I’m trying. So far it seems to be working. And I think I can get some of the benefits from intermittent fasting. Whether it’s gonna help with the loose skin or not I don’t know. Anyway, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say in this video. I hope everybody has a Happy New Year. I hope that you had a great 2018, and I hope that you have an even better 2019. That said, I’ll see you soon.